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Brighton Fringe May 2014

I had a fab time at The Brighton Fringe this year. This was an opportunity to perform to festival goers who had selected my gig from the many publicised in the official fringe promotional material. The audiences consisted of many who had never seen me before, which was great for me in terms of raising my profile. And I got some really great feedback from them. A deal with the venue meant that admission was free to this event, but one man went out of his way to offer me £20 at the end of my set because he thought I was more than worth it! I didn't accept of course - that wouldn't have been fair as nobody else had paid. But I suggested that he spread to word to his friends about Ronnie Rialto, and he said he would definitely come to see me again.

So all in all a very enjoyable run at the Cubar - I hope to back at the Fringe next year!

Next up is a private party in Salisbury on 27th June followed by a return to one of my favourite places the lovely, intimate  Rabbit Hole Bar in Brighton on 5th July. I'll be blogging about those soon after.
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