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Marching Time With A Spring In My Step

I've had an amazing last few weeks doing some wonderful gigs with some of my favorite people.

First up was Charity Cabaret  on 22nd Feb at The Basement in Kensington Street Brighton. I was delighted to be part of a brilliant line-up that included The Short & Girlies, Hannah Brackenbury, Lara A King, Jan Allain, and was headlined by Claire Summerskill.
The near-to-capacity audience were treated to a memorable night of entertainment that raised £900 for Brighton Women's Centre. Well done to Annabel Pribelski for organising the event and compering very competently on the night too!

Then on 1st March I had my regular gig at The Rabbit Hole Bar. After the poor weather we've had that has kept most people huddled up indoors, I wasn't sure who would venture out. I needn't have worried as a party of people arrived determined to celebrate a  significant birthday  with a soundtrack of Jazz Swing & Blues provided by yours truly. Thanks Metropolitan Police people - you certainly know how to have a good time!

Then, on 5th March it was "March" at BoiBox. This gig has recently moved from the Candy Bar to SHE SOHO in London's Old Compton Street. This is a great venue and with a uniform theme everyone was dressed to impress, especially our hosts Adam All and Apple Derrieres (pictured right - photo by Emma Bailey)

And the 2 weeks were capped off with an appearance at the International Women's Day celebrations in at The Dome in Brighton.
it was an absolutely lovely event well supported by the local community. I hung around with friends for several hours there, enjoying the entertainment and speeches and even finding time for a reflexology treatment! A lovely treat for my Marching feet!

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