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Ronnie down The Rabbit Hole

Yesterday also saw my second gig at The Rabbit Hole Bar in Brighton. This is a small,  but perfectly formed basement bar underneath the Mad Hatter Cafe near Waitrose.
The bar is transformed into 'Ronnie's club' for the evening and the vibe is much more Jazz/Blues/Swing oriented than my 'standards' set that I perform on other occasions.
As a new venture, I relied on my regular supporters to attend and help to create to atmosphere and mood of an old-style Jazz club. This they did with gusto, and a good time was had by all. The only thing missing (according to one older, but reformed ex-smoker) was the fug of smoke evocative of the old movies of the era. (Although as a lifelong non-smoker, I'm quite pleased about that!)
I'm hoping to build the audience for this - The next date will be 6th April 2013 and dates in May and June will soon be announced. So keep an eye out for communications from me in the near future.
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