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Christmas Trio!

I had the best time with my three Christmassy gigs: I kicked off on Wednesday 12th December with a guest appearance at the Qukulele Christmas Special at The Latest Bar. What fun! The Qukulele's held the stage and other guests included the comedian Sarah Wilkins, Elvis & Friends (a brilliant puppet act peformed by my good friends Tracy Steel & Zeb Friedman) and Al Start. The atmosphere was very friendly and warm - and the audience were incredibly gracious when I forgot the words to one of my songs - they immediately hummed and la la'd the tune - bailing me out of an embarrassing moment!
Thursday 13th December saw my biggest gig to date; performing a 35 minute set and MC for the evening at The Corn Exchange, Brighton. The event opened with Kelly Sky performing aerial acrobatics above the heads of partygoers and the 'Close Shaves' performing vintage acapella in the foyer. It was a brilliant experience for me and I enjoyed every minute! The other main stage acts: Trudie Styles & The Pianoman, Plasticine and Conundrum all put on a good show, and a jolly good time was had by all.
On Sunday 16th December I returned to The Grosvenor Bar, Brighton for my regular Sunday afternoon croon. As ever, there was a lovely cosy warm vibe there. The audience were extremely appreciative and Ali managed to time dishing out the mince pies just as I started to sing Let It Snow!  Let It Snow!  Let It Snow! All we needed were some chestnuts roasting on the open fire! I'll be performing there again in February and March for a couple of birthday party events - I'm really looking forward to that.
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