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Busy few weeks, kicks off with The Grosvenor

Had a really lovely time atTHE GROSVENOR BARyesterday.  Ali was away, so the lovely Chris had to cope with a big Sunday afternoon crowd on her own. As ever, the audience was friendly and appreciative which was great for me, particularly as nearly half of my set was new to me - i.e. not performed to an audience before. I've been building my repertory so that regular supporters don't have to listen to the same songs all the time. I can do over 60 songs now!
My next appearance at

Sunday in the Shade

Last Sunday (27th May) was one in a weekend of glorious sunshine & warmth. I hung out with friends on the Saturday, at the Food & Drink festival on Brunswick Lawns and it was absolutely boiling! So when I arrived at The Grosvenor to set up on Sunday, both Ali (our lovely host), and I, knew we would be facing stiff competition from the allure of the beach two minutes away. And so it was that I performed to a small, but select few. It was a great opportunity for me to try out new songs for about of a third of my set.

You Couldn't Make It Up!

So there I was, packing up my stuff, bent over with my back to the dressing room door.  Suddenly, I was aware of someone behind me. "Hello", she said. "Your performance was really great!" "Thanks", I said  with a beaming smile, " It's very kind of you to say so". "I really, really, like what you do" she continued, a little drunkenly. "That's great" I said as she moved towards me,  removing any personal space between us.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon at The Grosvenor

Did my first gig at THE GROSVENOR BAR on Sunday 13th Feb. There was a lovely warm atmosphere and a very appreciative audience.  I don't think the pub is usually that busy on a Sunday, but it coincided with a couple of birthdays, and the extra people who came for that, together with a number of my supporters, made it exceptionally busy.
Ali & Chris, our lovely hosts were delighted, and we discussed making it a regular event; the next one is scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday April 1st.

Bar Wotever - Female Masculinity Appreciation Society

Had a great time at the FEMALE MASCULINITY APPRECIATION SOCIETY at BAR WOTEVER last Friday (13th Jan 2012).
It was the first time I've played at the ROYAL VAUXHALL TAVERN. It's a great performance space, and the crowd were really friendly and appreciative.
A highlight of the evening for me occured as I was enjoying a well-earned beer, after I'd done my slot:
I was approached by a drop-dead gorgeous femme blonde bombshell.
"I liked your singing very much, thank you." she said, in an interesting East European accent "Do you come to Wotever often?
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